Let it Bee, Wood Notebook, Bumble Bee, Personalized

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Whispering words of wisdom, Let it Be...Now you've got that song singing in your head! 

Whether it's bumble bees or pretty blank pages, something draws you to this sunny vibe. Use as a travel journal or drawing pad, this wood notebook mimics your attitude for easy going and wanderlust.

Record tales in your journal, from the road, camper, or VRBO. All designs are from Minnesota artist Teresa Magnuson, designed to "bring out the sunshine" ;) 

The solid wood cover is laser engraved with the artwork, giving it a rustic charm.

- Finished Size: 5.5” w x 7.875” h with black double-wire spiral binding
- Solid wood cover, 1/8 inch thick
- Back Cover: digital wood grain coverstock
- Inside pages: White or Mustard Gold, blank, 100pg
- Individually wrapped in clear acetate bag
- Inside pages ideal for pen, pencil, pastel or charcoal
- Made in Minnesota - USA

Keep in mind that wood has personality, and slight imperfections are normal. The wood grain (and occasional knot placement) on each cover can vary, and affect the darkness of the engraving.

© Teresa Magnuson. All rights reserved.