Walking on Sunshine

Sunny & Clear is where surface artist + creative entrepreneur, Teresa Magnuson, creates happy fabrics and laser cut gifts full of sunshine and sass.  

Teresa uses her sunbeam (laser) to computer-cut custom guestbooks, signs, and home decor for those with a view– such as lake cabins, beach houses, and getaways– so you can pamper your guests and get rave reviews. 

Wait a minute...doesn't she design fabric too? Yes! If you're a quilter, check out her fabrics in pre-cuts and half-yard increments.

Fabric Precuts

Recipe Card Binders


    All orders made with our sunbeam (laser) are designed, prepared and finished by hand! Most items that leave our shop are uniquely and absolutely one-of-a-kind!


    A little sunshine (and sass) spark our inspiration. We don't ever want to take ourselves too seriously, except when it comes to offering a quality product from start to finish.


    We do our best to source materials made in the USA. We feel good supporting other small businesses locally or nationally when we can.