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How to Create A COVID Counter-Punch (And a Mother’s Day Gift)

Six weeks of Covid

I don’t know about you but after six weeks of sheltering in place and other social distancing measures, it’s time for what I call a “COVID Counter-Punch”.

In other words, join me in kicking any and all negativity to the curb! How?

Here Comes the Sun

The last several weeks have had me pretty much going silent on all social channels, a digital retreat of sorts. I needed to observe, not react. I needed some space to pause, if that makes sense. I know everyone deals with the craziness of the recent pandemic in their own way. And this was mine. But now... I feel better, I feel more grounded.

In fact, I'm more than that. I'm ready to bring out the “sunshine.” (Oh, yes...when your brand is called Sunny & Clear, you need to get your head out of the clouds, says my inner cheerleader! Consequently, you might just hear analogy after analogy of the sun-related sorts, in the next few days, pinging at higher rate than popcorn in the microwave. So be forewarned;)

Recipe Card Binder Sets

Having introduced Sunny & Clear's recipe binders in a quaint little 4x6 inch size, back in February, it’s time to launch this NEW product for May-- just in time for Mother’s Day!! 

What else is there? Check out all new designs currently available. Here are some highlights:


1. Need a DIY Project? Here’s the first ray of sunshine. Can you feel your mood getting warmer? Hold on...

Inspired by, and taking a cue from John Krasinski’s SGN: Some Good News, we’ll call this design SGR: Some Good Recipes. With a little DIY fun, your kids can yarn-up a needle and stitch any color into the large SGR letters. We think Mom couldn’t adore a more personalized gift.

(Don't forget to add the recipes released from SGN, Episode 5! @somegoodnews) 


2. Uffda, that’s a good recipe! (Yep, there’s an UFFDA design.) Gather your secret lefse recipes, krumkake or rommegrot, to name a few.



3. Wedding gift? You betcha, there’s monogrammed and personalized cover designs in this little rustic-modern charm-of-a-gift. Even a millennial might enjoy something so nostalgic.


4. Thistle Patch. This little pokey illustration, if you recognize it, comes from my recent Thistle Patch fabric collection, scheduled to release in the fall of 2020. (Yes, it was pushed back due to COVID. But still on track to be manufactured. Fingers crossed.) 


    Sun-Colored Metal

    As you can see, this introductory collection of Recipe Card Binders features-- you guessed it---a rose gold binder ring! You know how much we LOVE the sun-colored [copper] metal around here.

    Supplies are limited to the first fifteen binders. After that, the triple ring will consist of a silver color, admittedly as lovely. (If we can procure more of the rose gold pieces during this crazy COVID time, we will make it a standard option.)

    And last, but not least, there is a chicken design. Did you find it? (Squirrel!!! --oh yes, and the rascally squirrel made the list too-- he’s making you drinks.)

    FYI: All binders come with a packet of pre-punched and ruled recipe cards. You can always add more, or swap them out, since the binder opens up. Get out your paper punch on your own cards if you need to add pages.


    We hope you find some good recipes to add to your binder, and by all means, have some happy, healthy, hearty time in the kitchen. 


    teresa magnuson with Tigger, sunny and clear

    Who and What is Sunny & Clear?

    When you mix a Minnesota artist + digital designer you get magic! Teresa Magnuson turns illustrations into happy fabrics, fun decor, and (slightly sarcastic) laser-cut gifts for cabins or kitchens. You’ll find lots of sun-colored copper and rose gold metal details, accenting her products whenever possible.
    Sunny & Clear was founded in 2015. Teresa brings you whimsical and hand-drawn works, inspired by living in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes or simply the delight of a perfect sunny day. “Welcome to my colorful world, where it’s always sunny and clear!”


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