Keyboard Cats fabric by Teresa Magnuson 2022

Keyboard Cats Fabric Collection for 2022

The Keyboard Cats fabric collection has debuted and is available for all cat lovers! The playful cats debut in gender-neutral colors and are oh-so adorable for a baby quilt.

With the recent baby boom, I have so many quilts I’d like to make for those close to me. I’m so glad I can use these fun retro (boho) colors and have it be a fit for either a boy or a girl. Of course, as long as they like cats.

Keyboard Cats is my fifth fabric collection with Clothworks. I think it might be one of my favorites yet.

Download the Clothworks Look Book here »

This collection started from a pattern I had created a few years ago and I decided to turn it into a full collection. When I submitted it, the fabric company loved it and we finalized all of the swatches.


cat sketch Teresa Magnuson


Designing a complete collection can take time. Honestly, the hard part is honing it down– I often have way too many ideas!! I also work full-time as a front-end developer on a marketing team so I typically only submit artwork 3-4 times a year as it fits into my schedule. 

Once the artwork is finalized, there is often a 6-12 month wait for it to go into production. I received the strike-offs (proofs) and then it is on its way. 

Oh boy… An Official Retailer of Clothworks

After the fabric was manufactured, I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time– I became an official retailer of Clothworks! so I could sell my own fabric designs!!


I often get asked if someone can buy from me and I have to explain that only retailers can sell it. As the artist, you get paid from royalties for each yard sold to stores, and not directly from that sale. So it is not always easy to know what stores are carrying the collection and send someone in the right direction.

But now all of that has changed.

It’s official: You can shop Keyboard Cats fabric by the yard and in 10” square pre-cuts from Sunny & Clear!




Make a boho baby quilt with Keyboard Cats fabrics


Who and What is Sunny & Clear?

When you mix a Minnesota artist + digital designer you get magic! Teresa Magnuson turns illustrations into happy fabrics, fun decor, and (slightly sarcastic) laser-cut gifts for cabins or kitchens.

Sunny & Clear was founded in 2015. Teresa brings you whimsical and hand-drawn works, inspired by living in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes and the delight of a perfect sunny day. “Welcome to my colorful world, where it’s always sunny and clear!”


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