Cluck Cluck Bloom Fabric Collection for 2023

Cluck Cluck Bloom Fabric Collection for 2023

The Cluck Cluck Bloom fabric collection is almost ready to ship to stores! Expected for April 2023, this funny chicken and flower theme fabric has a soft color scheme and a retro twist. 

I usually like to pride myself with a color scheme that leans toward gender-neutral, but with the lovely pinks, yellows and corals, this collection is definitely on the "sweet" side.

Cluck Cluck Bloom fabric by Teresa Magnuson for Clothworks swatches

Cluck Cluck Bloom is my seventh fabric collection with Clothworks. I think it might be one of my favorites yet. And I know, I know...I say that a lot. Check out the collection by viewing the Look Book.

Download the Clothworks Look Book here »

So, what's in a Look Book?

The best part of the Look Book is seeing all of the swatches for the whole collection, at a glance. Imagine going into the fabric store, and seeing each bolt lined up side by side on the shelf. You get a feel for the whole color palette and vibe all at once.

Even better, with a Clothworks Look Book, you can see recommended quilt patterns and mockups of what the fabrics would look like when the pattern is sewn from the fabrics in the collection.

Chickens on the Runner placemat with Cluck Cluck Bloom fabrics, Teresa Magnuson for Clothworks

These are suggestions only-- for sure. But they get you on the right track and get your brain thinking about how you'd like to use this collection.

If you are a chicken-lover, you will LOVE the options!! Check out the chicken blocks and even the chicken shaped placemats and table-runner. 

What's with the chickens?

I'm not sure why I got so obsessed with funny-looking chickens. (Maybe it started back at the Minnesota State Fair, walking the barn as a kid and seeing chickens with feathers on their feet.)

And then a long love affair with Foghorn Leghorn [cartoon]. Except he was kind of bossy. So...I drew and invented my own chicken characters. See some of my early sketches circa 1992.

early sketches of chickens for Country Plumpkins, Teresa Magnuson

As a high schooler, I used to raise broiler chickens and had plans to make my own food label to rival Golden Plump. It would be called "Country Plumpkins". So there's that.

But mostly, I have fun using my chicken drawings to steal a smile out of you here and there. I might use a silly chicken on my packaging stickers or throw in a chicken "moon" on a postcard. They aren't really mascots of the brand, per se, but I can't help using them! So I guess it was a natural inclination to see  them debut in a fabric collection.

Cluck Cluck Bloom by Teresa Magnuson for Clothworks logotype

Where Can I Buy the Chickens Fabric (Cluck Cluck Bloom)?

At the time of my last collection (Keyboard Cats), I mentioned I became an official retailer of Clothworks fabrics. I have to admit, I won't be able to stock large quantities of my fabric collections, but I will be carrying Cluck Cluck Bloom Fat Quarter sets and 10" Square Packs! Order now as Pre-Sale for delivery after April 5, 2023 once the fabric arrives from the manufacturer.

Cluck Cluck Bloom swatches fabric by Teresa Magnuson

Best Sellers

Picked out a favorite yet? Fun fact...some of the best selling prints so far from this collection, based on wholesale sales, are the pink blooms, the white chicken wire, and of course-- the chicken prints. Buck-okkk!! [Translation: hell to the yeah! We love silly chickens!]

more Cluck Cluck Bloom swatches by Teresa Magnuson


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